After trade through PRITAM SPOT, Physical bullion delivery must be lifted within time limits (Generally 2 working days) or prescribed by the company, If the clients fail to lift delivery within prescribed period, Charges & penalty will be levied by company (i.e. 10Rs/10Gm in Gold and 15Rs/kg in silver)

PRITAM TRADING CO may ask for further margin or advance payment after dealing in certain circumstances

We deal only through bank transfer (RTGS/NEFT/Cheque)

The rates displayed in our platform is GST included

The Customer mutually accepts before Login that it is regularly engaged in the business of trading in Bullion and understands the risks involved in dealing in the same. It is hereby expressly agreed and understood by and between the users hereto that PRITAM TRADING CO.

PRITAM TRADING CO. shall in no manner be responsible or liable for any loss, harm or injury suffered or incurred by the Customer arising out of this terminal, and more particularly on account of any potential or actual fluctuations of price of the Bullion

The Customer confirms that the prices of gold/silver fixed by him with PRITAM TRADING CO. shall be firm and binding on the Customer. The Customer will irrevocably recognize the price advised by him and shall be liable for all incidents thereof. The Customer confirms that the prices so recognized and fixed will be valid. Once the order is confirmed, it will be never cancelled

If at any time during the continuance of dealing, PRITAM TRADING CO is unable to perform all or any of its duties and/or obligations hereunder on account of any reasons beyond the control of PRITAM TRADING CO, including, but not limited to, hostility, military action, civil riots, Changes in Government policy, strikes, acts of God, acts of Government (including but not restricted to prohibition of import trade of Bullion ) or any other cause whatsoever which may be considered to be “force majeure”, then all deals with PRITAM TRADING CO- shall cease to be binding on PRITAM TRADING CO. and company shall not be obliged to process any existing or further Order forthe Customer