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We have started our journey in the business of precious metals in 2012. With the divine grace of Almighty God, blessings of Parents and great response from our esteemed customers today-“PRITAM SPOT ” has been synonyms to the Gujarat Bullion Industry.

Since beginning , PRITAM SPOT has braved new frontiers and without looking back, increasing turnover every financial year with very high potential. We have established a benchmark of churning out the finest and have incessantly strives to abide by it and maintain the reputation of this company. We are the first to change the way bullions were traded with- PRITAM SPOT.

The prime objective of PRITAM SPOT is to get precious metals business to reach new heights, optimize growth of our organization as well as our associates. We are committed to promote the business of our clients and to increase their revenue by offering the best bullion quotes, service and support.

Our dedication to continue improvement enables us to meet the expecting requirement of our customers and we transform ourselves as per their needs as we promise to deliver highest satisfaction to our customers. We wish that our customers and suppliers share their experience and knowledge with us to harmonize the synergy for growth of all of us and of the society at large.

As we know, No other investment has the wealth preserving power as physical Gold and Silver. Bullion maintains its value through political, social and tradition upheavals, wars and natural disaster. We at PRITAM SPOT being leading supplier in Gujarat, endeavors to combine our technical and market expertise with hard work and dedication to provide our clients the ability to make informed investment decisions

Our networks of thousands of bullion dealers, jewelers, manufactures and investors inspire us to grow constantly and this bond of trust made PRITAM SPOT not only most trusted brand but we have built huge PARIVAR in the Gujarat Bullion Industry.