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We have started our journey in the business of precious metal industry in 2012 with a partnership firm named PRITAM TRADING CO. With divine grace of Almighty God, blessings of Parents and great response from our esteemed customers, our partnership firm transformed into a Private Limited company named PRITAM BULLION PRIVATE LIMITED in the year of 2020.

Since beginning , PRITAM SPOT has braved new frontiers and without looking back, increasing turnover every financial year with very high potential. We have established a benchmark of churning out the finest and have incessantly strives to abide by it and maintain the reputation of this company. We are the first to change the way bullions were traded with- PRITAM SPOT.

The prime objective of PRITAM SPOT is to get precious metals business to reach new heights, optimize growth of our organization as well as our associates. We are committed to promote the business of our clients and to increase their revenue by offering the best bullion quotes, service and support.

Our dedication to continue improvement enables us to meet the expecting requirement of our customers and we transform ourselves as per their needs as we promise to deliver highest satisfaction to our customers. We wish that our customers and suppliers share their experience and knowledge with us to harmonize the synergy for growth of all of us and of the society at large.

As we know, No other investment has the wealth preserving power as physical Gold and Silver. Bullion maintains its value through political, social and tradition upheavals, wars and natural disaster. We at PRITAM SPOT being leading supplier in Gujarat, endeavors to combine our technical and market expertise with hard work and dedication to provide our clients the ability to make informed investment decisions

Our networks of thousands of bullion dealers, jewelers, manufactures and investors inspire us to grow constantly and this bond of trust made PRITAM SPOT not only most trusted brand but we have built huge PARIVAR in the Gujarat Bullion Industry.

PRITAM BULLION PRIVATE LIMITED is an Indian multinational conglomerate encompassing various industries and operating successful businesses that are created with innovation at its core, with trust amongst its customers and value creation for its stakeholders.

PRITAM BULLION PVT LTD provides clients with full-service precious metals trading capability and global access to the related financial markets.

We specialize in serving bullion wholesalers and traders, refiners and smelters, government agencies, banks and financial institutions, jewellery manufacturers and other industrial users of precious metals.

We are reliable and competitive wholesale suppliers of gold, silver and platinum group metals in the form of London good-delivery bars, Indian standard bars, other bars & grains. We also buy scrap and semi-refined metal offering attractive payment terms.

In every instance our goal is the same: to help you grow your business, manage your risk and enhance profitability. We want you to have a great relationship with us – starting with a quick and efficient account opening process, competitive pricing and a flexible, customer-friendly service at all times.

PRITAM BULLION PVT LTD earns its clients' business and trust by offering expertise, extensive product coverage, global reach and access to markets that few other firms can. Perhaps more importantly, our clients choose us because we put you first -- every time. We focus on building personal relationships and a deep understanding of your trading strategies and objectives. By striving to use our entrepreneurial, flexible and agile approach we provide real-time solutions to clients. The result is long-term relationships that add value beyond the individual deals or transactions.